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Your Questions

There are a lot of questions people ask time and again. What we've done is put all the information on this page that we can think that you'll ask. Please read through it all before asking questions via our contact form. We'll add to this page as we go.

  1. Q: Where does the money go that you make from the show?
    A: Since our 4th year the money raised has all gone to Essex Air Ambulance, this year we are donating 10% to Marie Curie Cancer Care with the remainder going to Essex Air Ambulance.
  2. Q: What's all this 'Hawaiian' business all about?
    A: We always have a theme, nothing too complicated, this year its Hawaiian and Tiki themed. The idea is you can join in as much or as little as you like. You might just wear a hawaiian shirt, or maybe go the whole hog and make an outfit, the choice is yours :)
  3. Q: How much is it in advance?
    A: £5.00 per adult (under 16 free) plus, if you're camping, £30.00 per 6m x 6m pitch.
    Earlybird price until 1st February 2018 is reduced to £25.00
  4. Q: How much is it on the day?
    A: Day entry is still £5.00 per adult (under 16 free), if you're camping, £30.00 for camping if spaces are still available and you're only getting one night, so you might as well prebook and come for two nights for the same price :)
  5. Q: Can I bring my dog / cat / rabbit / other animals?
    A: Yes as long as you clear up after it, keep it on a lead around the show cars and don't let it terrorise anyone or annoy them with incessant barking.
  6. Q: Can I have a camp fire?
    A: Yes, as long as it is contained within a raised firepit drum and doesn't burn the field.
  7. Q: Which tickets do I need?
    A: You need one Adult ticket per person over 16 attending the show and one camping pitch per vehicle staying on site overnight.
  8. Q: How much are kids tickets?
    A: Anyone under the age of 16 is free, 16 or over is full price £5.00
  9. Q: Is there anything for kids to do?
    A: Yes we've got a whole kids area to help you enjoy your day at the show without the dreaded "Dad/Mum I'm bored"
  10. Q: Is there water on site?
    A: Yes there is a standpipe by the main entrance gate.
  11. Q: Is there a bar on site?
    A: Yes, we will have a fully licensed bar as always with a good range of ciders and real ales as well as some of that yellow fizzy lager stuff that some people seem to like.
  12. Q: Can I bring Fireworks or Chinese Lanterns?
    A: No. Due to the proximity of the railway line, main roads and overhead powerlines we do not allow fireworks or chinese lanterns.
  13. Q: Will my belongings me safe on site?
    A: Elemental Fundraising will not be held responsible for any loss of or damage to vehicles and personal possessions. Please follow the usual advice given by police about not leaving items of value in plain view or in tents. Lock you vehicle.
  14. Q: What time can I turn up Friday?
    A: Prebooked Friday campers can arrive from 4.00pm, traders can arrive from 2.00pm.
  15. Q: What time can I turn up Saturday?
    A: From 9.00am
    apart from: prebooked show cars from 8.00am, traders and prebooked autojumble from 7.00am
  16. Q: What time does the gate close Friday night?
    A: The gate closes at 11.00pm Friday night with no exceptions.
  17. Q: What time does the gate close Saturday night?
    A: Last entry is at 9.00pm, gate will remain open until 1.00am Sunday morning for late leavers.
  18. Q: What day is the car show?
    A: The car show runs throughout Saturday
  19. Q: How do I enter my car for show and shine?
    A: If you'd like to reserve yourself a spot in the show field please add a free show and shine pass to your ticket prebooking.
  20. Q: I've got a day ticket can I stay for the bands in the evening?
    A: Yes! We'd love you to stay into the evening. The bands finish at 11.30 and the gates close at 1.00am Sunday morning to allow you time to leave at your own pace.
  21. Q: What happens on Sunday?
    A: Nothing! We would not wish to subject anyone to having to polish a show car with a hangover on a Sunday morning. We operate a lazy Sunday, you're welcome to recover from the night before and relax in the field as long as you're packed up by early afternoon so that we can litter pick the field.
  22. Q: Can my club have a club display?
    A: Yes, there is more information on the show and shine page please contact us to arrange this if your club is not listed.
  23. Q: Can my club reserve club camping?
    A: Please see info on the lower section of the camping page
  24. Q: Can my club reserve club camping?
    A: Please see info on the lower section of the camping page
  25. Q: Can I bring a sound system?
    A: No. We have plenty of live music and DJs on site with PA systems that are plenty adequate for the show needs.
  26. Q: Can my band play?
    A: Sorry we are fully booked for bands for the next show, please contact us and let us know about your band we may be able to fit you in for the following one.
  27. Q: I've got a car that won a trophy at an important show or was featured in a magazine, can I blag a free ticket?
    A: No! Its a fiver and all proceeds go to worthy charities.
  28. Q: I know a bloke who knows a bloke who said it was OK for me to come in for free
    A: Yeh right... jog on... this is Essex, you can't kid a kidder.